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Audio Switch Matrix ASM Series

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Audio Switch Matrix ASM Series
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Flexible Distribution System for Audio, Data and Control Signal Routing

Support of 24 Transmitters and 24 Receivers





The Audio Switch Matrix ASM series is designed for integration into systems to route signal sources between different communication devices. The ASM manages and monitors control signals, audio signals and/or data lines in communication systems. The signal direction is bidirectional to and from the terminals and the devices.

The ASM series covers the frequency range from DC to 1 MHz.

Audio Switch Matrix ASM


Audio Switch Matrix ASM rear panel


Up to 24 terminals and up to 24 devices can be connected to the ASM.

Four lines pairs are allocated to each terminal so the device provides a line capacity of 96 line pairs (192 lines).

Transmitters and receivers can be assigned independly .

The ASM is controlled and monitored in local operation from the front panel and in remote operation through a
RS232/RS422 interface or a network interface.





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