Lead Through Insulator ISO K35


Lead through insulator for use with antenna installations

suitable for rough environmental conditions



The insulator is designed for antenna installation applications on board of seagoing vessels. The insulation characteristics are at an optimum even under rough environmental conditions.

The insulator is not affected by aggressive media which are likely to be encountered aboard seagoing ships.

The insulator does not absorb moisture for a long time. The build-up of ice or dust is largely prevented by the water-repellent surface.

The insulator provides excellent electrical characteristics, for example an extremely high insulation resistance, negligible surface conductivity, low dielectric loss factor and a good resistance to creepage currents and arcing.

The length of the axis can be conducted according to customer needs.


Insulator ISO K35








Dimensions ISO K35





Technical Data

Dimension (l x d)
183 x 80 mm
Weight 0,5 kg
Amntenna connection Clamping terminal 8,4mm
Clamping cone M8
Ambient temperature -60°...+100°C
Max. operating voltage 12 kV

Dielectric constant

Dielectric strength 50 kV/mm
Tangens delta 0,005

Data given without tolerance are typical values.
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